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rab Gofpel-Cor.verfttiorr. 'law him in the face of Jefus Chrifl ; and now I fee God in the face df His Son, Ifee him in another way thanever I did; O the Gofpel is,a glorious Gofpel, there is more ofthe glory ofGod ire'onefentence ofthe 'G ifpel, than in all theHeavens and Earth betide;, ,this wemay boldly aver. Now our Converfations mull be as becomes the Gofpel,then there mutt be a glory in our Con- verfations;we muff hold forth the Gofpel in our Converfations thereforeProfeffors of the Gofpel they fhould Thine as lights in the wórld, I befeech you mark this one Note. I remember in the clofe of all the laft day, I fhewed you, that the Saints and godlypeople are call'd, the glory ofJefus Chrift Himfelf ; furely you that are profeffors of the Gofpel fhould live fo as t o he the glory of tjheglorious Gofpel,and what manner of perlons ought we to be ,then? it's not enough that our Converfations be not defiledwith the mQL filthy and abominable pollutions of the world, but _out Converfations fhould be fuch as fhould he a glory to the _glorious Gofpel: Look in theGofpel, there Thine theAttributes ofOo í inglory, fo inout,lPves there fhould be lhining the glo- -Otis A cribrxtestof G 4i'that a11that°l,ehold our Converfations *mtay ad r*e . he Attlibutes df tGOd fhining in out lives, and glorieowHeavenly Father. 'Certainly a child of God that cee.ps._elofe to God, and lives ho!ily in his life, doth let out _wore of the glory of God fhining before the world than the , r irttheFirma>i ent; ACbrif1iaf tlàat profefíes theGofpel, and4oth Walk anfweraf lye to the gofpel, I fayhe is amoreglo- jits = creature in this World than the 'Sun inthe Firmament; !certainly ifwe do but confider this, thatwe are appointed here in this world while we live, to hold forth the glory of thego- fpel to make it to -,be a glorious Gofpel before all that we live 4tiong, it wouldtcattfeanother manner of Converfation than as ,figwe have. But towind up all in a few words ofApplication, more par- :titularly (though all the way as I have gone I have labored to ßpply itJ a i that I (hall fay may be refer'd unto thefe two par- ',4cuLos. Application. And the ítrlLis,:For=thee rebuki g ofrhofe 7hofe Converfations are iaot as becomes the Gofpel, I appeal 81.