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r..r.,..,. z 3 z Gofpél-Converfation. And for the clofe of all, I befeech you lay but to heart the great Defign that God hath in the gofpel, think thus with thy iclf, Surely the Work of God in the gofpel is a glorious Work: Well then ; furely God bath force great Defign that he drives on in the gofpel. What is it ? Let me labor to ferve it whatfo- ever inme lieth. Now ifyou reade in the gofpel, you fhall find that the Defign that God bath, it is,To purchaff to Himfelf, ape- culiar people, zealous of good Work : to promote holinefs and godlinefs, that We being redeemed from the hands of our enemies, mightferve him in holinefs and righteoufnefs all the daies ofour lives. This is the Defign that God bath : I fee that Mankind is fallen fromme, and the people in the world are generally fallen into wickednefs, the whol world lieth in wickednefs over head and ears in fin ; but I would leave holinefs advanced, I would have my Image renewed, I would have a peculiar people that might live for ever to ferve and worfhip me : Here's the Defign of God : Oh let me now ferve this defrgn of God, and labor to do all that I can to ferve, and honor, and biefs, and magnifie that God that bath wrought fuch glorious things for us, as He bath wrought in the gofpel. And as Chrift faith in Math. 3. when he came to be baptized of john, [ It becomes us to fulfil all. Righteoufnefs.] Now Ihali the Lord Jefus Chrift hmfelf fay thus, It becomes us to fulfil all righteoufnefs ; furely then,it be- comes you to fulfil all "righteoufnefs. Would you walk as be- comes the gofpel ? give up your hearts, ftrength, and endea- vors what potfibly you can to fulfil all righteoufnefs , do not fay, Why fhould I do thus ? and why need we be fo forward and ftria ? Oh remember the text; If any talk of too much ftric?nefs, and too much forwardnefs ; then anfwer thus ; I heard in fuch a place fuch a text opened and applied to me, that my Converfation muff be as it be becomes the gofpel ; and certainly let me do what I can, I cannot do fo much but that the gofpel will require ten thoufand times more than I can do, and therfore I do endeavor to walk as becomes the gofpel : And I hear that Chrift Himfelf faith, that it became Him to fulfil all righteoufnefs And why Ihould not I walk as Chrift Himfelf walked ? Omy life bath been toovain heretofore,my heart bath been dead, and I have not been quickned up fo as to walk wor- thy -.......,.....V.,...,'--.......,; 1