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Gofpel-Converfation. 1 3 r praife is in the Gofpel : this we fhould labor all ofus what polli- bly, wecan. Mybrethren, what a mercy is it, that God fhould account any thing that we doworthy of the Gofpel I Mark the Text, Why, can wepoor worms do any thing worthy of the Gofpel ? I but, though youcan dobut little, God will account your endeavors even Worthy of the Gofpel. fo4n faith, that he was unworthy to loofe the latchet ofChri(ts fhoe, nor worthy to carry the fhoeofChrift : Then, are we fuck as can walk wor- thy of the glorious Gofpel ? Oh 'tis Gods infinit goodnefs that (hall account us tobe worthy of the Gofpel. The Apoftlesdid not account themfelves worthy to fuffer for the Gofpel, fits, 5.41. And (hall God account us to do that which is worthy of his Gofpel ? Oh this fhould be a mighty encouragement to us, to walkworthy of the Gofpel. And there is a notable en- couraging text, in Luke, 21.36. Walk worthy of the Gofpel : And then you (hall fee whatGod will account you worthy of : Watch ye therefore, and pray alwaies, that ye mayboccounted worthy to efcape all thefe things that fhall come to pal'5, and to nand before theSon ofMan. Watch and Pray, be watchful in all your converfe, keep your communion with God clofe : What will be the fruit of this ? That ye may be accounted [worthy] to efcape thefe things : that is, the many of lic`tions, dangers, and evils that fhall come upon the world, you fhall ¿cape theevil of them at leali. And tohand before the Son ofMan. Here's a nota- ble Scripture to quicken up our hearts to walk confcionably and ftrialy in our Converfation, watch over your waits, Rand upon your guard, and pray, that youmay be accountedworthy to Rand before the Sonof Man : Why ? Is that ere be that accoun- ted ftand before the Son ofMan in glory . or worthy to Rand before Him ? Yes, a godly and gracious mart or woman that walks confcionably in their Converfation, when the SonofMan fhall come in his glory, they Thal be able to Rand before Him, andbe accountedworthy.Oh then,let your Converfation be as becomes the Gofpel,andyou (hall beaccoun- ted by God,worthy tohand before theSonof Man. Jefus Chrilt He walks towards you as becomes a Mediator ; yea Chrift loth al things that are futable toHis relations, as a Husband, as a Sa- vior : Oh do you all things that are futabl to your relations Tz