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3S Goffe1-Converfat:0ï:. Chrift, by poverty, and lowlinefs He would over come the world, not by bravery and magnificence, nor by great pomp and glory, He doth not dazle the eyes of men by fuch means; but His glory conlifts in felf- denial, in emptyingofHimfelf, in becoming poor ; and therfore His Kingdom is not of this world. Luke, 17. 20. The Kingdom ofGodCfaith the text there) comes not with obfervation : that's the word : the meaningof it is this : It is not a thing that by any outward pompous Ceremonies canbe obferved. NowKings when they go from one place to another, by their attendance, and by a great many ceremonies that are ufed for the letting out of their pomp and glory, they are taken notice of and obferved ;. you may know the King comes. here, lay the people, when they fee fuch things. But faith the text there,The Kingdomof God comes not by obfervation; there's no fuck ot:7tword pomp and glory, there's nothing but outward meanefs and bafenefs to the eye of the flefh, in the Kingdom of Jefus Chrilt. He that is in Himfelf the molt glorious King, and form whom ail other Kings have their power, yet He bath a Kingdom that is not of this world, that bath nothing but mea- nefs, poverty, and lowlinefs that Both appear in it to the eyes ofmen. Secondly, The Kingdom of Chrift is not ofthis World, in regard of His SubjeFts. Lookwhat fubjeas Chrift bath, they are fuch as are not of this world : So Chrift tels His Difciples, as you may find in the 17. of john, Iam not ofthe world : andyou are not of the world. Kings, they have for their fubjeas, Nobles, Peers, and great Perfonages,efpecially thofe that are near about them.: but now the fubjeéIs that Chrift hath for His Kingdom (for thege- nerality of them) they are of the poor, mean,bafe,and contemp- tible men of the world, fuch as are looked upon, as the ofdfcou- ring of all things, thefeare His fubjec°s : as in the fecond of Yarnes, S. verfe, Hearken my belovedbrethren : Bathnot Godchofen the poore ofthis world, rich infaith, andheirs of the Kingdom ? The poor ofthis world, rich in faith, and heirs of the Kingdom : they are the great heirs, even the poor of this world. Youknow what an offence it was unto the Jews, fay they, Do any ofthe `'Rulers beleeve in him? but this muleitude,whieb is accurfed. A com- pany ofpoor women, illiterat people they flock after yefaos Chrift. The tt."-777,-1,- I