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Coffrel-Converfation. 139 The fubjets ofChrift are men chofen out ofthis world, he him - fell appeared notwith the glory oldie world. And fecondly, His fubje is are men chofenout ofthe world. Thirdly, The KingdomofChrift is not of this world ; that is, the rule that Chrift bath in His fubje6s, and over thefe His £ub- jec`Is in this His Kingdom it is not of this tvorld,the rule it is fpiri- tuai, It is principally upon the hearts, the wills, the confcien- ces of thofe that are Hisfubjeas, every fubjeet ofChrift bath his will and heart fubdued to Jefus Chrift. It is not fo in this world, men may be fubjeé to the Kings of this world meetly by confiraint becaufe they dare not do otherwife, many Kings in this world have fubjeccts whole hearts are not with them, who love them not, the Kings of this world they rule only the outward man, But Chrifts Kingdom is another kind of King- dom, He rules in the hearts ofmen, there is His Throne, in the wills, in the affections of men, in the consciences ofmen, Chrift fwaies His Scepter in mens fouls : men by congueft they fubdue fubjeas to themfelves ; Chrift he fubdues too in a way ofcon- queft, but he doth not fubdue the outward man fo much as the in ward man, the will is fubdued to Chrift,He fwaies His Scepter in their hearts : this is a great myftery of godlinefs,the fwaying of the Scepter of Jefus Chrift in the hearts ofthe Saints ; and therefore the Scripture tels us, That the Kingdom ofGod is within us, it is an inward Kingdom. That's the third thing wherein the differencebetween Chrifts Kingdom and the King- doms of the world contifts. Fourthly, The Laws ofChrif are Spiritual. Obferve the dif- ference between the Laws of Chrift in the government of His Church, and the Laws that are for the government of the world, it will be of very great ufe for you toknow : The Lord in His Porvidentiai Kingdom appointing Magiftrates to govern here in the world in His room, He leaves them tomake Laws accor- ding to the general rules ofprudence and juftice, fuch Laws are fufficient for the governing of the outward man, and for the attaining to a Civil end for which their government is appoin- ted ; But now Jefus Chrift in His Mediatory Kingdom, in His Church He makes all the Laws Himfelf, He doth not leave it unto the Church to make new Laws, according to the rules of V 2 their