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150 Gofpel-Converfationo fhall fit eternally with Chrift in Heaven ; I might giveyou ma- ny Scriptures for that, but I will only give you one Scripture, I Cor 15. 28. And when all things fhall befubdasedunto Him, then fhall the Son alfo Himfelfbe fubjeFt unto Him,that put all things tin- der Him, that God may be All in All Here he tells us that there is a time that God ¡hall be All inAll, both unto Chrif},and unto His Saints ; yea, and you (hall find in this chapter, that Tefus Chrifi ¡hall give up the kingdom unto the Father, (fpeaking of the timeof the refurretlion) When all ¡hall rife Again ; and when that (hall come, the kingdom (hall be delivered up unto the Father ; fo that this is a time before the general refurreRi- on, that Chriff fhall fit upon the Throne, there is yet a time between this and the Saints being in Heaven, when theSaints ¡hall fit upon Chriffs Throne (as he upon his Fathers) in ano- ther manner than now they do Therefore farelyChrifl; ¡hall have the Kingdoms of this world fubdued unto him in another manner than yet he bath ; and for the proofofit, do but reade the 7. chapter of the book ofDaniel, and you (hall find abun- dant of proof; there (hall be adundant deal ofglory in that kingdom of his, there he (hall have attendants to purpofe, thou- fand thoufands adminif}red unto him, and ten thoufand tines ten thoufand floodbefore Chrift; and though there was a Judg- ment and theBooks were brought, yet its apparant afterwards, that the Scripture fpeaks of a time that fhould be before the Saints (hould come to Heaven ; for he faith this That ae cowecower. ping the reft ofthe Beafls, they had their Dominion takenaway ; yet their livesWere prolongedfor afeafon : Therefore it is not meant at that time when the Saints (hall afcend up into Heaven with Je- fus Chriff, for the Beafis had their lives prolonged for a feafon and time after that : But faith he in the 18. ver. The Saints ofthe mofl High ;halltakçyour .Kingdom,andpof fefs itfor ever,evenforever andever. And in the z i. ver. Ibeheld,and thefamehorn made war with tlsSaints,andprevailed againft them until the Ancient ofdaies came, and judgment wasgiven unto the Saints ofthe molt High ; and the time came that the Saints pof fef fed theKingdom. And then in the 27. ver. And the Kingdom and dominion,andthegreatefl ofthe king- domunder the whol Heaven,fhall begiven to thepeople ofthe Saints of the mofl High, Whofe Kingdom is an everlafling Kingdom, and all Dominions ..,,sr