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Gepl-Converfation. 151 Dominions Thal ferve and obey him. What Dominions fhal there be when the Saints are in the higheft Heavens, to ferve and obey Chrift ? He means the Dominions that are hereupon the earth, fhall ferve and obey Chrift : Therefore the Kingdom ofJefus Chrift is not of this world, nor be faid hereafter to be fuch a world as this is : but when there shall be another world, then thrift }hall have a Kingdom that fhall have fuch glory as }hall be apparent to all ; and fuch a Kingdom as the Kings of the earth (hall come and bring their glory to it ; as in 21. of Reve- lations, you }hall find, that it's faid, of the Kings of the earth. Reade but that defcripion of the glorious condition of the Church ofGod there,and you fhal fee this true: And the nations of them which arePaved, fhall walk in the light ofit: and the Kings of the earth do bring theirglory and honor to it. But that is in another world, not that world that Chrift fpeaks ofhere in this place of john. Only now do but confider a littleof the excellency of this point by way of preparation to you for the next time. It would be a notable Scripture to take off our hearts from all the things of this world: The right underftanding of this would fpiritualize the hearts of the Saints, would take away the of- fences of the croffe of Jefus Chrift, would help them to carry themfelves through this world with a great deal of joy and tri- umph, and not much to regard how things go here below. I throssgh the mercy of Godam brought into the ,Kingdom of ?efts: Chrift. And I find the whol tenor ofScriptur carries it fo,that the Kingdom ofJefus Chrift is not of this world, but in a fpiritual way, Oh then, let me have fpirituall mercies, let me enjoy Je- fus Chrift in the wayofHis fpiritual Kingdom; and farewell the world and all things under Chrift. Truly Chriftians are not acquainted with this point of the fpiritual Government of Je- fus Chrift in his Church, and how God the father bath fo or- dered things, that In this world Chrift thould have a Kingdom, but out Ofthis world. And bleffed are they chat bave by the holyGhoft an inlight- ning to underftand this Myflery, to fee the reality of it indeed, That the kingdomof Chrift is not of this world. SER-