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Goftel-Converfatien. as; fin ; it's true, they are not chaftifed by judgment out of the court ofLaw as other men are ; but they are chaftifed byChrift that hath the Judicature committed to Him, and the Admini- ftration of all things, efpecially concerning His Church and people,and by a fentence from Him chaftifed ; not by a fentence from the Father, as He is the Judgeof all flefhproceeding accor- ding to the Law. This is the main thing which we fpake to be- fore. But yet there are divers other things. z. That all that are in Chri¡ts Kingdom, areFree -men, they are delivered from bondage : all that are out ofthis Kingdom are bondflaves, they are under the prince of this world, (that is, the Devil) and in flavery unto him ; they are all as vaffafs un- der the Law, in bondage, and have noother fpirit but a fpirit of bondage in them, they are {laves to finn they are under thecurfe of the Law : But nowbeingbrought to the Kingdom ofChrift, they are made free, they are free Denizons of Heaven. 3. And then from hence follows in the third place : All that are in Chrifts Kingdom,have the priviledg ofa free trade to Hea- ven, they have free traffick toHeaven : there is now a bleffed in- tercourfe betweenHeaven and them,that they have bybeing fub- je6ts of this Kingdom : As we know the fubje&s of this King- dom have many freedoms that forreigners have not, that thofe that belong to another Kingdom have nothing to do with. So the fubjel-ës ofChrifts Kingdom have a freedom ofcoming into Gods prefence, of trading to the promifed Land that others havenot; others are caft out ofGods fight and cannot trade to Heaven fo as beleevers do that arebrought under the Kingdom ofChrift. 4. By vertueof this Kingdom they come to have right unto all the Ordinances ofChrift ; And only by this we come (l fay) to have right unto them, fo as to be our own. Indeed, Chrift for the fake of fuch as are His EleaOnes, that He intends to bring into His Kingdom, He fends forthHis Word; the preaching ofthe Word unto them but when they are brought into his Kingdom then they are under the xvliníftry of theWord in another way, Chrift then is their great Paftor and Shephard, and fo His Mi- nifters are in a more peculiar manner Paftors andShepards un- to them. And befides,there are otherOrdinances that they bave nothing