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152 Cofjiel-Converfation. IV44~, 4444444+444+44++++444+d4444++ SERMON II. J ©HN, 1 8. 36 . Jeftis anfwered andPaid, My IÇin&dom is not of this world. 4+?i4Any particulars I pall over the laft day briefly, which I M It told you would need fome further explication. I ie ?céed you o Application of things about that, and then pro- The priviledges of this Kingdom of Chrift they are not of this world. I'le name a principal one; and this is the priviledg of all that are under the Kingdom of Chrift ; That all hujineffes, tranfa t ons betteen God and themare in the Coon of Chrift theMe- diator They are not in theCourt of exan and revere juftice,but they are tobe tried for their eternal eflates, and forall they do,in the Court ofChrift, in his Kingdom; which is a mighty priviledg the Saints have. As kingdoms 'have feveral priviledges: i'ts a grea- terpriviledg to be tried in one kingdom than in another: All men and women in their natural eftates, not under thekingdom of Chrift, they are to be tried in the court ofJuflice, i.e. the court of Gods providential kingdom,and ther they areeither to be acquit- ted or condernnd by the Law;thats the way ofGods proceedings towards thofe that are under His providential kingdom, only to.:be delt withal! according to the Law. But all thofe that are under the kingdom of Chrift, have all their bufineffes, in refe- rence to God, tried in another Court, tried in the Court (as I may fo call it) of the gofpel,in theJudicature ofjefus Chrift, for Chrift He is as Mediator to them, He is the Judge to pals all fentences concerning them: and the right underftandingof this would much help in the point ofBeleevers being chaf}ifed for fin ;