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Goiel-Converfatlon. ding of Chrift into the world, when the iffue of all (hall come and beaccomplifht, then the Name ofGod will be fo much the more honorable to all eternity , becaufe He bath wrought out filch glorious things, from that which did feem to the eyeof flefh to be fo mean and contemptible. i39 APPLICATION. But by way ofApplication ; and that fhall be buiît upon the confideration of the point more generally ; and upon the Rea- fons that are named, why the Kingdomof Chrift is not of this world. From hence follows thus much in the firft place, That if the Kingdom ofChrift be not ofthis world,then there is a happinef s beyond the things of this world to be had ; that we muff certainly conclude and determin : Ifwe beleeve this point, That Chrifts Kingdom is not of this world, we mull lay down this for a certain and infaliblle ground that we may build upon, That there is a hap- pinefs to be attained unto that is beyond this world, for Pure- ly there is a good in the Kingdom of Chrift, there is fomewbat beyond this world for the fouls of the children ofmen to look after as their chief good, as their happinefs ; that's a confeaory that follows from it. The Kingdom ofChrift whatfoever it be, it's a glorious Kingdom, it is the Kingdom ofHis dear Son (as the Scripture fpeaks) and therefore very glorious : And all the glory of the kingdom of Solomon, it was but to typifieout the glory of the Kingdom of Chrift ; now that is not of this world : therefore there is fome glory beyond that of thisworld : and it is a good fign ofa fpiritual eye and a fpiritual heart, to be able to fee an excellency and glory that is beyond this world ; to be able to look higher and further than this world can : We think that all the good things that God hath to communicate to the childrenof men,íhouldbe here onearth ; but I befeech you con- fider of it : can we think in our confciences that all the good things that God bath to communicate to fuch as He loves fhould be herein' this world ? certainly, no. Confider therefore that all the good things that God intends for his people are not of this world. kixf-It's called An evil world. Truly it's no great matter,and we