Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

Gott el- Converfation. thofe bleffed things that thou_ haft revealed in that glorious kingdom of thy Son, it's only that that can fatisfie my foul for the portion of it : and if thou fhouldeft fay, well, thou fhalt have all the things in this world for thy portion and enjoy them for ever, I fhould account my felf in a miferable condition, foi thou haft revealed better and higher things to my foul ; this would be the anfwer ofone that is chofen out of the world that bath a gracious heart and is brought under the Kingdomof Je- fus Chrift. z. A fecondnote that I would give to know,whether a man be a man of this world or no, is this, Aman of:his world is one that ac- corsnts the pofefons of worldly comforts, to be greater riches than any riches conteined in the promàfesv; that looks upon the comforts of this world as real things,they have them in poffeflion : But looks upon the promife, as that that hath but a notion in ir, as if there were no fuch reality and excellency in the things of the promife ; a man that dares not truft God upon his word upon his promife without feeing in a way of reafori or fence how things may come in unto him for fupply from the things of this world this is a man of the world, he bath a promife, but things go very ill with him in refpeet of bis outward eflate, in refpe( of whatfo- ever by .fence or reafon he is able to difcern, he looks uponhim- felf as miferable, if indeed God would give him in the things of the world in real poffeflion, that would fatisfie him, but not the promife : This is an evidence ofa worldly heart, that regards more the proffeflion of the things of the world than the promife ofGod for provifion for him ; as for promifes, he thinks that that man is but in a fad condition, that bath nothing but bare promifes to live upon ; here's a worldly heart that hath low and mean thoughts of the promifes. But now, one who is taken out of this world, and trauflated into the Kingdom of Jefus (Ilia, regards more to have a promife to live upon, than to bave poffeflions to live upon : Promifes in the word are greater and more real things to that foul than any Bills or Bonds from men canbe, he can live better upon a Prornife, than uponBils, or Bonds, or Leafes, or any fuck things in the world : Haft thou found fuch a principle within thee, that canft clofe with the promife, . and.canft klçfs thy felt in the. pcornfes, 1have title to, and 165