Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

CofPel-Converfation. An/iv. The i rfl is this, One that is a man ofthe world isfuch an one as couldbe content ifGodwould let him livehere in this world,and enjoy what he loth, he Would becontent for to liveherefor ever, and could befatisfied though he never enjoyedany thingfromGodbut what he bath received here, ifhe might alwaies hold it. Here's an evident Argument of a man of the world, I mean fuch a man as bath health of body in this world, he bath for outwards as much as the world can afford any man, that for the propernefs of his body, his comlinefs, his health, hehath as much as the world can give, he hash convenient dwelling, with all accommodati- ons belonging thereunto, and he hath the comings in of the world as much as his heart can delire, hehath his wife and chil- dren about him, in which he bath a great deal ofdelight and content ; now, I would but put it to this man,What fayefl thou ?. would not this fatisfie thy heart if thou mighteft alwaies be here, alwaies have thy houle, and gardens, and walks, and thefe co- mings in that thou haft now, that thou mighteft fazedeliciou fly every day, and have the fweet and fat of the world, would it not fatisfie thy foul, though God fhould never give thee any thing elfe but this ? I befeech you, inyour own thoughts,anfwer even to God this queflion, and ferioufly look intoyour hearts, for you may know very much ofyour hearts upon the anfwer to this queflion, you may corne to knowwhat is like to become ofyou for ever, even from the anfwer that your confciences would give to this que- Rion : That man or woman whofe confcience tels them that this would fatisfie, then we mayconclude, that furely that man or woman is of this world, becaufe the things of this world would be enough for bis portion : But now take a man or wo- man that is chofen out of this world, that is of the Kingdom of jefus Chrift, untowhom the Lord bath. made known the things of another world and the excellencies ofJefus Chrift, and fuch a one though it had ten thoufand times more than it bath, though it had what poilibsly can be imagined,it would fly,Lord, it's true, I am unworthy of the leaft cramof bread that I eat, or of the leaft drop of water, but yet it is not all the world, nor ten thoufand worlds can fatisfie my foul, for the portion ofit, It is nothingbut thy fetf, the unfearchable riches ib Jefus Chrifl, thole