Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

t'GS Goffr el-Converfation. oftruthWhom the Worldcannot receivr: Mark, the world cannot receive the fpirit of Truth,the world receives not Chrift, and it cannot receive the fpirit ofTruth. If you fpeak of the world to men, then they favor of thofe things, come to a man and tell him ofa goodbar ain on the Exchange, he will liften to you, and remember what you fay, but come and (peak to him of the great things of the Kingdomof Jefus Chrift, of the glori- ous priviledges of-that kingdom, only there's a found in the air, and it paffeth away, and takes no imprefiion at all on the heart ofone that is carnal!, r fohr:, 4. 5. there you have this expreft fully, the very guize and way of a. carnal! heart, They (faith the text) are ofthe world, therforefpaekthry ofthe world: and the world heareth them: thofe that are of the world, they (peak of the world and difcourfe of the world, and favor the things of the world, and the world heareth them ; but now, let a man come and tell them of things that are heavenly, of a goodly pearl, of Jefus Chrift, they favor not thofe things ; and they hear them not : Oh ! 'tis from hence that risen come not into 'the kingdom of Jefus Chrift, becaufe it is not of this world. What's the rea- fon that there aremore comes into the Kingdom of Antichrift than into the kingdom of Chrift ? Revel. 13. 3. The lrhol world wandered after the beat, faith the text, becaufe they are ofthe world, and Antichrift doth fet up a worldly kingdom inflead ofChrifts kingdom, and men that are of the world they flock after Antichrift ; and hence it was, that your great rich men in places where the Gofpel bath not been, they were Papifts, or Popifhly affdled, fo that therefore the Papifts make outward profperity to be one badge or figs of the true Church ; hence it is that Popery is fo futable to worldly hearts, and the holy Ghoft prophefied before hand, that the whol world fhould fol- low Antichrift, only here and there a few poor ones Jefus Chrift chufes out ofthis world to follow him, for His Kingdom is not ofthis world. One Particular more, in a word, feeing the Kingdom of Chrift is not of the world, then a worldly hears is the molt un- befeeming thing in one that profeffeth himfelf to be a Chriftian, ofany thing that can be in the world : IfChrifts Kingdom be not there, certainly thy heart fhould not be there: Thou that profeilèft