Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

(4,165 ............, Go fpel-Converfatson. z63: profe(%fi thy felf to be of the kingdom of Chrift, which is fpiri- tual and heavenly, and yet thou a worldy earthly heart, Z fay,it is the moil unbefeeming thing that poflîbly can be : what, for a profeffor of Religion to have an earthly, covetous worldly heart ? By that that Ihave already fpoken in (hewing the vanity and the evil of the world, and the great evil of loving the world were enough to ftrengthen this nie; but now that that I inten- ded (hould have been to fpeak, efpecially to thofe that areChri- flians, that have hopes that God bath made them partakers of Jefus Chrift, and would be loth to lofe their hopes in the good things of the Kingdom ofJefus Chrift for i ocoo. worlds, & yet there doth remain much worldlinefs in their hearts to this day, furely,this notbefeeming one ofthe profefiion that thou makeff, it is no honor unto thy King, the Lord Jefus Chrift; worldy Profeffors, they aregreat difhonors to the Kingdom of Jefus Chrift; when there (hall appear no difference between thofe that we account tobe men of the world, and filch as we hope are chofenont of the world ; Oh ! how is Chrift difhonored by this ? Lookbut upon the lives of Chrifüians that profefs Religi- on, and one would think that the kingdom of Chrift were a Kingdom of this world rather than any thing elfe, for I fay, to outward appearance, though it may be Chrift may fee fome integrity within the heart, yet to outward appearance there is even almofl: no difference between them and the men of the world. It doth become Chriftians to live fo in their whol courfe, as to make it appear that they are men and women abovc the world, whole Converfations are inHeaven, that they do beleeve the KingdomofJefus Chrift that is not of this world. Aa SERMON