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270 Go ed-Converfation. atat:44141ttlakArt?Xlit461** 44440444049` +44.`-44.2944`16494 7ple++++. SERMON III. JOHN, 1 8.36. Jeftm anfwered andfaid,1 y IQnndom is not of this world. 4?4.+HA T this KingdomofChirft was, and how dif- t w ferent from the kingdoms of this worldwe have already opened unto you. The fourth Ufe which weare to proceed in, is, If the kingdom of Chrift be nor of this world, then ofal dif. pofitions a worldly fpirit is moil unfutable to thofe who profefs_ themfelves to be of the Kingdom ofChrift. Certainly, then fuck as are Beleevers, , that are come under theKindgom ofChrift, they mutt not be ofearthly hearts:. We find the Apoíile in the Epiftle to the Ephefans , doth rank Çovetoufnefs, and Uncleannefs together : and faith of them both, in the S. Chapter, 3. Verfe, Let it not be once named amongyou, as becometh Saints: So that a covetous _ heart after the things of the world, it is fuch a difp"ofition, as it fhould fcarce be named among Saints no more than whoredom,they fhould abflain from it as from whoredom, as it becometh Saints. It is the molt uncomly thing tor a Saint of God, one of the Kingdomof Chrifl to have a co- vetouu heart for the things of the world that poffibly can be. As it becomes them; it doth not become you; And Luther that was a great man for the promoting of the king- domof Chrift, he is bold to profefs it, That ofall fins, he was fcarce ever tempted to that fin, he found nothing ten- ding almoft that way ; though its true, there is no fin, but we have the feeds ofit in our hearts ; but yet he found his fpirit -aill11111_