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OvffiGC-c6/7Y'YeTJarSOit.: S "Is becomes]`The word fignifies,worthyofthe Gofpel,that which is 4,;;, tranfla ted inyour books Becomes,it fgnifies worthy ofthe Gofpel. But this cannot be meant as if fo be that our Coverfation Mould be fuch as deferves all the good that there is in the gof- pel, No but worthy, that is, as muchas Befeeming the gofpel, or meetfor the Gofpel,, or as it is tranflated in your books, Becoming the Gofpel; ashe that eates anddrinks unworthily, eates anddrink! his own damnation:; can one eat and drink fo as tobe worthy of the Body and Blood ofChri fl ? No, but he that eats and drinks unworthily, carries himfelf fo in that Ordinance of the Sacra- ment as is unbefeeming theBody and Blood of Chrift that he comes to receive : and on the other fide, thofe that doe eat and drink fo, as to fanifie Gods name in that Ordinance ( as you have heard) they do it worthyly ; for the fame word is here, Worthy ofthe Gofpel ofChrif. Indfo bring forth fruit worthy of repentance, faith Mfrs to thofe that came to him, that is meet, fit for repentance, fuch fruit as may manifefl your repentance, as is futable unto fuch men or women that doprofefs their reepen- tancefor their fins. Further, Ifind that the word that is here tranflatedBecoming, in another place is tranflated Convenient & meet, and cannot be underflood in another fence ; as in i'Cor.i 6. 4. If it be meet that I(hall o alfe, the word that is tranflate there, [meet ] it is in the Greek[worthy.] the fame word that we have a ror. here tranflated Becoming, ifit be a comfy thing or a meet or con- venient thing, then Ile go fo then it's deer that this word that we have here is, meet, convenient, futable, or, becoming the Gofpel, Letyour Converfationbefilch, as is meetfor, or becoming the Gofpel. Youwill fay, what Converfation is that Which, is meetfor,or be coming the Gofpel ? To that I anfwer, Firíl, a Converfation raifed to a higher de- gree than the light ofNature, or than the. Law can raife one to, it muff be that certainly, it is not a Converfation becoming the Gofpel, except it be a Converfatioñ raifed?higher than this life of Nature, or than the Law can raife one to, it becomes riot the gofpel elfe. Secondly, A Converfation futable and anfwerable to thofe many bleffed and glorious truths that are .revaled in the gof-