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G el-Converfation. pel, there is much of the mindof God revealed in theGofpel, glorious truths are there prefented to us that is a Converfati. on becoming the Gofpel that is futable and anfwerable unto thefe bleffed and glorious truths that are revealed in the Gof- pel. Thirdly, A Converfation manifefting the power of the Gofpel. Fourthly, AConverfation that is futable unto all the Ordi- nances of the Gofpel, agreeable unto whatfoever there is in a- ny Ordinance of the Gofpel. And then fiftly, A Converfation holding forth the beauty, excellency, and glory of the Gofpel before thole with whom we do con'erfe, here's a Converfation becoming the Gofpel ; when thofe that are Chriftians profeffing that the Lord bath revealed the Gofpel unto them, and that in fame meafure they have beenbrought to beleeve in the Gofpel, when as now their Couverfati n is beyond that which any man can attain unto by 'the light of Nature, when it is beyond that that any man by the Law can be railed unto, when it's anfwerable to the many blefFed and glorious truths that are revealed in the Go- fpel, when it manifefis a power of the Gofpel in him, when it's anfwerable unto the bleffed Ordinances that he doth enjoy in the Gofpel, and when his Life and Converfation holds forth the beauty, excellency, and glory of the Gofpel before the world, here is a Converfation becoming the Gofpel ; and this is that which the Apoftle here exhorts unto,, Only let Jot Converfation befuch,as becomes the Gofpel ofChrij1.Thus you have had the words opened. Now for the Do&rinal Points in the words, only thefe two, he fiat is but to make way to the fecond. z Docl. The firft is this, That.thofe that profefs the Gofpel, muff have a great care oftheir Convertations. 2. Secondly, This Converfation of theirs muß be ftsch, as be- comes, as befeems the Gofpel. Thefe are the two main Points in the Text. I íhall this morning but make way to the fecond Point which is the great Point in the Text. Firfl, That Chriftians that doprofefs theGoffel,mufl have agreat care of their Converfations, to look,to them. They mull not fatisfie themfelvcs