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2,7 4 Gofpel-Converfation. a ;tints, and fcorns, and contempt, then Demos begins to bethink himfelf better, and thinks he was miffaken; I had thought that this Paulwouldhäve been a great man in the world one day, and that bymy following of him I fhould get great matters to my felt, but when he law that all men were let againff Paul, and.nothing but perfecution was like to betide him, and his Difciples ; Demx begins to bethink himfelf, And is it not better for me to keep my cre- dit, and effeem in this world ; fo Demers leaves him to fhift for himfelf ; and therefore faith the Apoftle, Dem.zs bath forfaken me, and imhraced this prefent world. This maybe written upon every Apoffates grave, Here lies an Apoliate that bathforfaken 7efuc Chri(l, and hath imhraced this prefent world.But obferve it,and lookupon thofe that were forward in Religion, and noware not ; and fee whether they have not more worldly hearts than before, and give themfeives. up to honors, and pleafures, and`profits; Therefore it's ex- ceeding unbefeeming the Saints to have worldly hearts, they will certainly Apoffatize,if their hearts take deep root in the earth. Ifyou find your fpirits fo glewed to the things of the world, that you know not how to part with them, that youknow not how to live in a place; and not to have your neighbors love and refpea, and.to honor you, and to have the countenance of the times in whichyou live; Do you find your hearts thus cleaving to the things of the world, like the Serpent, that dull you eat, and upon your belly you go?know that thouhaft a worldly héart and thou art like.to be an Apoftate from the Truth_ ofG8,3: ere long; In.the z;. ofTtt's; 12.the Apoflle faith,`ihat tÍ egrace of"cd that bath appeared tó all men, teaches them t' deny allWorldy. ¡4g. Oh my brethren ! let's labor to walkworthy ofour Calling-unto the :Kingdom of Jefus ChrifI; i Their. 2. 12. There-the;Apofli`e with great deal of earneflnefsfpeaks to theThefalonians, exhorting them, that theywpuld, Walk, worthy ofGod, who hhth called theth into' his Kingdom', andGlo- ry,, Are you converted to Chrift ? you are called into his iinodom walk worthy ofHim : And mark his 'earneff- nefs