Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

Gefpel-Converfation. 275 nefs in theverfe before Asyear know, how we exhorted, and consforted, v° charged every one ofyon, (as afather Beth his chil- eiren.) We comfortedyou, in ¡hewing you the excellency ofthe Kingdom ofGod, and the priviledges ofthis King- dom ; we exhorted you, andwe charged everyone ofyou, as a father Both his children ; and what did he exhort, and charge them to ? it was this, That they would walk worthy of God, who had called them into his Kingdom, and his glory. Oh ! 'tis a great mercy that God hath re- vealed any thing of the Kingdom of his Son untoyou, walk worthy of it, as it be comes thofe that are called to be the Subjet s of fuch a glorious Kingdom as this is ; and a- bove all things, have a care, and let me warn you ofthis worldlinefs in the hearts of the Saints: Namely, of a craf- ty, cunning fubtilnefs in the things of this life ; there is nothing more unbefeeming a Chrif'tian, than a crafty cun- ning fubtilnefs for the world : many men biefs themfelves in this and they take abundance of content to think, that by their craft and cunning fophiftryj they can fetch about things, circumvent others, and fo provide for themfelves in this world I fay, there is nothing more unbefeeming a Chriftian, .thin to becrafty and cunning in circumventing óthers; and'providingfor themfélvesin the matters of this world,in i Cor.2.Tz. faith the Apoftic, We have not received the JJ irit oftheworld, but the f irit which is of God, it is that we have received. There is many men ( you may plainly fee that) they have the fpirit ofthe world, that's thus Z have many times wondered at it; fonie men, come and fpeak to them about any matters of the kingdom of Chrift, they fpake fo foolifhly and childiatly, either they rnufi hold their peace and fay nothing, or elfe if they do. (peak they difcover fo much ignorance, and chìldifhnefI that .a, man would wonder axeheee.the.under ndings-A5(fach men are that have livedfa long a tittle in the world`as the ,, l av done , and heard fo -much of Religion., and' when . one hears (hem (peak' fo, one would wonder how there men fhould have underffanding to live in the world : but thefe o