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.a.------- "-, Gofeel-Converfation. have all their fecrets tobe opened to them But now, the cunningnefs, that is, thecunningnefs ofthe ferpent, is fuck a cunningnefs, as men (if they were but laid open) would quickly be ashamed of. And fo much of the fourth ufe, that it is unbefeeming thofe that are of the Kingdom of Chrift, to have the fpirit of the world, becaufe Chrifts Kingdom is not of this world. 5. of Hence we fee the reafon of the meannefs of the outward condition of the people of God in this world, why is it that Chrift bath fo ordered things that the people ofGod Gould be fo outwardly poore in this world f My Kingdom is not ofthis world ( fai th Chrift) Therefore, why íhould any that come under my kingdom look for great things in this world ? they mutt look to have their comfort and glory in things that concern my Kingdom, and not in the things of this world : in Pfal. 73. r 2. Behold ! thofe that are ungodlyproffer in this World, (faith the Scripture.) As for men that are godly and come under the Kingdom oâ Chrift, they mufa look for a profperity that is beyond this world ; Godgives the earth to the children of men, and to the menof the world: Let them profper faith God,here's their portion, here's all that theyare' like ever tohave. But how for the people ofGott they iimuft riot loók to profper Outwardly in this world ; 7ohn 16. 33. in the World, you shall have trouble( faith Chrift) Chrift Both tell, His difci- ples plainly beforehand, That in the world they (hail have trouble ? never make account to have cafe and profperity here below in the world; Certainly you (hall have trou- ble, this is not your kingdom ; and therefore ?ohn, in the I. of Rev. 9. ver. There he fides himfelfin writing to the Churches: Your Companion in tribuliztionrand in the Kingdom andpatience of refus Chrif. Obferve it, john that was filch anEminent Member of the Kingdom of Cliritt; when he fpeaks unto others ehat are brought into the kingdom of Chrift, faith he, I yohn., who alfo am your Brother, and Companion in Tribulation, and in the kingdom, and pa- tience of Jefus Chrift : There two may wel Rand together B b to 277