Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

1 278 Gofpel-Converfation. to be of the Kingdom ofChrift, and companions of men in the Kingdom ofChrift, and in Tribulation : yea, maik how the Kingdom ofChrift is fet in the middle, Compani- on in Tribulation, and then Kingdom, and then patience So that trouble, and affliátions are on both fides (as it were ) of the Kingdom of Chrift. And it's very obfervable here, 7ohn he doth not get himfelf credit, fay, I 7ohn that was the Apofile of Jefus Chriít,I John,that was the be- loved Difciple of Jefus Chrift, I John, that was a Kinfman of Jefus Chrift, no, but I John, your Companion in tribu- lation, and in the Kingdom; and patience ofJefus Chrift, If you would be thecompanion of the Saints in the King- domof Jefus Chrift, you muff be willing to be their Com- panion in Tribulation, and in the patience ofJefus Chrift. So things are ordered by Chrift, that the Saints fhould be inTribulation, live in trouble in this world, When any of you that are godly {hall meet with Croffes, and aflhittions, ( the briers and thornes which fpring out of the world ever luxe it was curfed byGod) the very thought of this Text may be a means to quiet your hearts, and not to have any rifings in your bofoms againft the difpenfations of God towards you ; Do not I delire to fear the Lord, and followHim in all His waies? and yet, how doth the Lord crofs me in this world ? Thefe murmuring, and repining thoughts will be ; yea, it may be lince the time that God wrought uponme by His word, I am more afflicted than before; Is not God difpleafed with me? it may be I am not in the right way becaufe of thefe aflhidions. Oh take heed of thefe temptations, let my text come into your minds, and anfwer all thefe temptations : Chrift faith His King- dom is not of this world : fince the time I was calledout of darknefs by the Miniftry of the word, no mervail though I meet with afflictions more than before, for I am tranflafed into another Kingdom,whích is not of this world ; it plea- fes the father to make Chrifft ( who is my Captain) to be perfea through fufferings ; Heb. 2. I o. For it became Him. for Whom are all things,andby whom are all things, in bringing many