Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

2 GoJjel-Converfation. this, and therefore it is that they malign you, they hate you with a perfeet hatred, vou are Rebels againfl their kingdom, they are under the kingdom ofSatan, but you are brought under the kingdom ofÇhrifl and fo do Re_ bel againft thatkingdom: We hate Rebels. It's true, in fame fenfe all the Saints are Rebels, that is, they do re- bel againfl the kingdom ofSatan and the powers ofdark- nefs, and if any thing fhould be enjoyed by men, yet if it beagainfl the Kingdom ofChrifl, they cannot but re- bel in a fence, that is, their fpirits muff needs be againfl it, and whatever they fuller, they cannot fubmit to it; they do not rebel againft lawful anthority, but againfl the kingdom ofdarknefs, and the power of darknefs ; and therefore it is that the world doth fo much hate them : When you come into the kingdom ofChrift you live upon other principles, and have other ends, you are a kind of feparated people from the world ; and we know there is nothingmore odious to the world, than that we fhould be a certain kind offeparated people from them; the world would have all to be like themfelves, and for any kind of people to make a ,profeflion as if they were call'd out of the world, and live after another kind and fafhion, and have other fort of hopes, and ,comforts, and ends, and rules by which they live; Oh this the world cannot endure : fo long as Paol was in the world, and liv'd as the men of the world, they loved him, -and he was a man of authority arnong'them, but when he was called out of the world, then a peflilent fellow, then feditions; this feparation from the world it cannot be born, there is nothing more provokes the world than feparation from the world, and therefore no mervail though the people of God be hated in the world, and looked upon as the ringleaders offedition : theyate feparated from the world, and tranflated into another kingdom, into a kingdom that isnot of this world. 7. v¡e. From hence may appear the wickednefs of the world, that they fhould réjec`t Chrift and His Kingdom. That