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worrommIllIM Coffiel-C onverfation. nor him ? now let your Converfation be Inch ; have a care of your Converfation that God may be honored ; the Name of God will be blafphemed, except you have a care ofyour Con- verfations, in Alarth. 5. 16. Letyour lightfo _Thine before men, that they mayfeeyotar ood zvórhs, andglorifieyourFather Which is inTea- ven. As ifChrift fhould fay, What, hath God brought the light of the Gofpe! to you ? bath it fhined in your hearts ? and hath He revealed unto you thole glorious Mifteryes of Salvation in Him ? O than, let this light break forth and fhïne in your Con- verfation before men, that others feeing your good workes may glorifie your Father which is in Heaven. Some men and women are ready to fay, what do they care what others obferve in them fo that God knows their hearts ? I but that is not enough, if it could be fo that you could have good hearts unto God without good Converfations; but we fhall fee that there cannot be any fuch thing, and it is required of you ; your works fhould Thine forth before men, that they may fee your goodworks and glo- rifie your father which is in Heaven. 'Tis one thing to do a good work, that may be feen, and another thing to do a good work that it may be feen ; to do a good work that may be feen that is Lawful, though we fhould not do them principally aim- ing that they may be Peen, but our works fhould be fuch, that of their own natnre theymay be feen, but not to make that to be our main end, that they may be Peen ; fo, as aiming not fo much that they may be feen, but that being Peen, men may glorifie our Father which is in heaven, that God may be ho- noured. NowGod is honoured by the Converfations of His Saints many waies, and therefore they fhould be very carefull oftheir Converfations. As in the firft place, the people ofGod, Saints, Beleevers, they are the great Witneffes that God bath in the world, to witnefs for him againft the corruptions of the world ; If fo be that you are not carefull ofyour Converfations, God will lofe witneffes to His Truth : Now a witnefs is not a thing that is kept within, a man cannot be a witnefs by keeping things with- in his own thoughts andheart, hemuff manifeft fomething to witnefs. The Lord makes ufe of the lives of his Saints to be His Witneffes in the world, to fland and witnefs for His Truth; whereas