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Goffie!-Converfation. whereas others they will think when the Gofpel is preached that it is but a meer notion, or imagination, and that there is no reallity inwhat is preached : No faith God, look here upon the Converfation of there that have beleeved the Gofpel, do you not fee they witneffe, that there is a reallity in thofe things of the Gofpel ? look what a change my Gofpel bath madeup- on them in their lives and converfations, thofe that were before proud, how humble they are ; that were before froward, how meek they are, and the like ; there are my witneffes. Many Scriptures might be given, efpecially that in Reel. 11.3. where the Saints in general are called witneffes : And that's the firth thing. You are to look t+o your Converfation, that you may be Gods witneffes. Secondly : That you may hold forth the Image ofGod in theworld ; that Image that God made man in at fiat, by the fin of man was loft ; but now through the Gofpel it comes to be re- newed, and God delights to have His Image held forth in the world, that men may behold fomewhat of the glory ofHis I- mage : But how can theworld fee the Image ofGod? They can- not fee it in your hearts, but nowGod would have it confpicu- ous, therefore have you a care of your Converfations, that in yourConverfations you may hold forth the Image of God in the world. It's much to the glory ofGod to have His Image held forth in the world. As men that would honor their pa- tents, and other dear friends, ifthey have a curious Pitture of them, when their image is drawn, theywill not fee it abufed and fullyed, but they will keep it fair; a man that bath the image of his father or dear friend, will not hang it in a fmokeyhole behind a chimney, or door, but in fome confpicuous place; fo we íhould hold forth the Image of God confpicuoufly, it fhould appear in our lives and Converfations. Thirdly, By your Converfations God may be honored for you will further the great defigns that God bath in the world : the holy and gracious lives of the Saints ferve to further the great defigns that God bath in the world to do. And Lilly, They may ferve to make up the great difhonor that Godhath from others; the Lord hath abundance of dif- honor from molt in the world ; but now there are force that D God