Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

IC) Goffief-Converfation. God cats out of the world, and He gives his Grace unto them to the end that He might have fome ofthe great difhonor that He path in the world from others made up ; now fuch as are care- full of their Converfations, as walk exactly and clofely with God (I fay) they are made ufe ofby God for the making up in force part of the great difhonor that God bath in the world. What honor fhould God have in the world were it not for the holy and gracious Converfations of forne of His Saints ? and therefore you who profefs the Gofpel, look to your Converfa- ons that God may be honored byyou. Secondly, Have a care of your Converfations, look to them in refpea of wicked men among whomyou live. As fiat, That you may convince evil and ungodlymen a- mong whom you live in the world. i Pet. 2.12. Havingyour Converfation honefi among theGentils that whereas theyf)eakagainf+ you as evil doers,they may by your good works which they fhall behold, glorifie God in the day of vifitation. This likewife doth confirm . what was faid before, for the glory ofGod, and theconvidion ofwicked men ; That they beholding,may glorifie God in the day ofvifitation. There are many interpretations upon this place, In the day ofvifitation,the day wherein God/hall vifit them, Though now they rail againfi you, yet when God (hall via them, either inHis firoke upon them by ficknefs, then they will acknowledg you to be righteous, and holy men, and with that their condi- tions were like yours ; or in the day ofvifitation, if God fhall vifit their fpirits to turn them, or in the day ofvfitatió (as force think) in the day ofJefus Chrifi : But I findothers looking nar- rowly into the words,In the day ofOverfeeing,the word E7riortonts from whence the wordBifhop comes , it is an Over-feer, now this word vifitation, lignifies nothing elfe but an Overfeeing ; as if God fhould fay thus, walk ye honefily, and holily, before the world,perhaps theywill vail your glory, & one will fay this, & the other that, but goye on in a confiant way and courfe, there will be a time that all things Mall be over-feen, all things fhall be examined, and narrowly fearched into, and when that day comes, the wicked men fhall be convinced, and íhal be forced to give glory to God, and fhal fay, that whatfoever afperfions there were call uponyou, yet certainly you were the fervants of the living