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Do' t 2, -----._. likewife (hould husbands do to convert their wives, you corn- plain one ofanother, but do you labor to convince and con- vert one another by your holy Converfations ? I amconfident that there are many that are able to fay by experience, this ; That the Lord ftruck upon my heart and confcience by feeing ther holy Converfation ofmy wife, fence the went to hear the Word, by feeing the wifdom, humiltty, obedience and carri- age ofmy wife, it flruck upon my heart. There is many have given glory to God and acknowlidged this, bothwives by their husbands, and husbands by their wives ; and fomtimes the pa- rent in Being it in the child, or the child in the parent , or brother in brother or one fervant in another, it hath been a means to turn them unto God. In the lafl place, If they be not turned to God, then your converfation Thal ferve to condemn them, to aggravate their lin, and their condemnation in the day ofJefus Chriff. As it is laid of Noah,in Heb r i .7.that Noah preparedan ark, by the rthich hecondemned the world. He condemned the world by that courfe ofhis, in beleeving in God, and in making the Ark, every nail that he fmote into the Ark, was (as it were) a condemnation of the world : and fo the Saints by walking in theit holy conver- fation, flu' be the judges and Condemners of the world. Ther- fore you are to be careful ofyour Converfations, in refpea o f wicked men. Alf(), In refpea of the Saints, we mull be very careful ofour Converfations. r. For by your Converfation you will rejoyce the hearts of the Saints. Oh thofe that are godly, when they fee others that profefs godlines to walk in a flria and holy converfation, how doth it rejoyce their hearts ? it is the comfort of their lives. 2. Belides, they bleffe God for it ; they not only rejoyce in it, but biefs God for it ; when they get alone infecret they are ble(ling God for the gracious, and holy, and convincing Con- verfations of filch and fuch kind of ofmen that they convene with. 3. And by that means the Saints they have a boldnefs before men, they can lift up their heads wherefoever they go, when they know that all full who make profetlion of Religion in the