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Gofqi el-converfation, the places where the- live, theywalk unblamably : upon that godly men can bold up their heads with boldnefs, whereas o- therwife it makes fuch as are profeffors of Religion afhamed, when they fee and hear of fuch and filch that make profeflîon of Religion to walk fcandaloufly, and loofly : but of them we !hall fpeak prefently. 4. Then further, Your holy Converfation it will efbablifh the hearts ofthe Saints, it will fettle young beginners; there are many that are giving up their names to Chrifì, when they fee the holy and gracious Converfations of there that are Ancient profeffors Oh how are they ftablifhed in the waies of god- linef e. 5. And it wil edifie the Saints, they wil edifie and grow up in holinefs, theywill imitate you, and will find the graces of God not onlyftrengtliened, but increafed in them by your Converfa- tions, Oh the abundance of good thatyou may do ; and ther- foreChriflians have a care ofyour Converfations. 6. Then, You in refpe. ofyourfelves by this means your wil have an evidence to your fouls of the truth ofgrace in your hearts, which you cannot have if your Converfations benot right. In ohn, i. 6. mark what the Apof}le fpeaks there, if ryefay that we havefelloi^fhip withhim and rralf¿in darknefs, lye anddo not know the troth. And again, you have a notable Scrip- ture in the 3. chap. 7. verf. Little children,let no man deceiveyou ; He that loth righteoufnefr, is righteous, even as He is righteous. As if he fhould fay, there are a company of deceivers in the world, and they think it enough to talkof righteoufnefs, they fay they beleeve in Jefus Chrift, and it's Faith that is only required of them ; and as for the other,that's but a meer legal thing,for men to make confcienceof duties, and of their lives, this is but legal, but let them truft in Jelüs Chrift,Chriffi bath done all, what can we be faxed by our lives? bath not Chrift done all ? Is there not righteoufnefs in Him ? Let no man deceiveyam (faith the Apoftle) If there be not a doing righteoufnefs, there is no righteoufnefs in you, He that doth righteoutfnefs is righteor- ; You have nothing todo with the righteoufnefs of Chrift as your own applied yet unto you, except you do righteoufnefs ; therefore have a care of your Converfations, that you may have evidence to your fouls. of the truth that there is in, your hearts. Secondly. 1;a