Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

w 14 Goffel--Converfation. Secondly, Have a care of your Converfations that you may continue and encreafe that which is within you ; certainlie thofe that make profeffion of Religion and have not a care of their converfations, they wil never continue in their profeffion, mark that, they may be as Comets a while, blafing-flars, but they will vanifh,&within a littlewhile you fhall find that their profeffion will wear away ; where there is not a godly life to- gether with profeffion, profeffion will vanifh and come to no- thing, their very common graces will be taken away from them ifthey have not a careof their lives, but if they have a care of their lives they wil continue in the waies of godlinefs and grow up and encreafe more and more. Thirdly, Have a care ofyour Converfations, that you may get honor in the very confciences ofmen. Qucfi. Some will íáy. Should we havea care ofour Converfati. ens that we mayget honor ? Anf Yes truly, a manmay delire to have the teflimony of the confciences of thofe that he lives withal, it's no matter for their taking this or that, but that you may get into their con- fciences, God gives you liberty for that. Fourthly, You by this means will be Inflruments ofa great deal ofpublickgood, ifyou live according to your profeflion, otherwife no body will regard you, you are reffufe, no man will imploy you, you will be contemn'd and flighted, but when they fee mens Converfations according to their profeffion, eve- rie bodie loves to make ufe ofthefe men, they know they íhall find them faithful inwhatfoever they are imployed,and fo they come to be Inflruments ofmuch publick good. Fifthly, You will further a joyful account againfl the great day; for yort mull be call'd to account, not only for your thoughts, and the inward workings of your hearts, but for whatever you have done in the flefh, we mull appear before the Judgment Seat of Chrifl to anfwer whatfoever is done in the fiefh : Oh be careful ofyour Converfations that fo you may be able to give a comfortable accompt. Sixthly and lafily, Be careful of your Converfations in re- fpeft ofyour profeffion : This fhould be the care of thofe that make profeffion, that we may keep up the fucceflion of the ho- nor