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G4el-Converfation. rg makes confcience of nothing, if there be anie that upon deli- beration, and knowing this or that to be fin beforehand, and yet for by and bate ends, will fin toget monie, or the like, and fo think to gainor free themfelves from fome trouble, bygoing again(' their light, and that upon deliberation, let that man or woman know that they can have no evidence that they ever made confcience ofanie one thing : He that break! one Common' dement break? all; and there is filch a bond in the Commande- ments, and confcience doth knit the bond fo uniformlie, that where there is one bond thusbroken, the truth is, all is broken : neweft thounot ( faith Saint ?ames) Oh vain man, what doeft thou talkoffaith if therebe no works ? thouart a vain manand thou doeft deceive tby felt: Certainlie thofe men that are loofe in their Converfations, if Goddoth not humble them, and bring down their hearts, they will grow in time not onlie to lofe their pro - feflion (as Ifaid) but to be enemies to thofe that are flriaer than themfelves ; that is, when men have corrupt hearts, and can- not get up to that height of ffricc}nefs that others do, they fall to perfecute that way which is above them. Firf', They begin to envie others that live better than them- felves, and after having envied them, then theywill begin ro have their hearts rife again(' them, and to hate them, and after hating to fpeak againfl them, and afterfpeaking againft them, to perfecute them, and thus by degrees men that have been for- wardprofeffors, now they grow as bitter perfecutors as others; Oh therefore look to your Converfations. And that fhould have been the exhortation, Chriffrans be careful of your Converfations in your families, be careful there. Pfal. 101. I. you have an excellent ScriptureofDavids profef1ng his care of his Converfaton in his familie, how he would walk , I Will behave my felf wifely in a perfel Way : when wilt thou come untome ? 1 Will Walhe Within my houfe with a perfect heart . Oh I befeech you look to this Scripture.; I will behave my felfwifelie in a perfea way ; marks fle look that mywaymay be perfea, everie way right and fquare to the world, and when it is fo, I will Labor to behave my felfwifelie, Iwill notCarrie my felffoolifhlie in thofe waies that are good :. and then, oh whenWilt thoucome untome ? Marls, it was a tirttie _ E 2, L that: