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o'orTr Gofel-Converfation. that Godwas abfent from him, andyet then he profeffes that he will behave himfelf wifelie in a perfeaway ; and f wit walk in my houfè with a perfeS heart : There are force that make pro- fefon ofReligion indeed, and ifyou come to them before o- ther companie, thentheir converfations feem to be very fair and fquar ; but ifyou do but follow them to their families, and fee what they do there, Oh thole that live with them in their families, after they have been abroad in companie (hall fee in what guiz they come home. Shal they fee their converfations to be holy as becomes the Gofpel ofJefus Chrifl? But this it was withDavid, faith David, Let thofe that kve with me in my houfe markme as narrowlie as they can; I *ill xï44&in my haute 11'ith a perfe1t heart ; what I am in the Congregationor among thole that aregodly, or any company ; Iwill be in my family,,tbot,thoft in my familyfhallfee my Converfation to be thus and thud Oli tl}at pro- feffors of Religion would look to this, not only to live before others in the parifhor the town where they live, 'but t* walk in their familie with a perfeel heart, fo as all in their..family may even biefs them and fay, Oh how doth my Mailer or Milli-ifs walk ! how gracioufly in their whol courfe from morning to night ! obferve them in all their waies and you (hall not be a- ble almoll to fee anie mifcarriage in them : Oh that's excellent, when a man P.iall have a better teflimony even from thofe inhis familie than from thofe that are flrangers ; it may be they think though thoumakefl profeffion of Religion, yet all things are not anfwerable ; but thofe that fee it everie day can teflifie all things are anfwerable ; thus it fhould bewthevery Chriflian that profeffes the Gofpel, towalk with a perfec`l heart in the midst ofhis family & fo to convene in the world. Divers Arguments I (hall give you, to (hr you up to look to your Converfations. Arg. Fill, It is the mercy ofGod thatyou haveyour Converfations amongmen to this day, thatyou havenot your Converfations among Devils &leprobates,it might have beenyour portion thatyour Con- verfation might have been among Devils andheprobates,God might havePentyou down toyour ownplace to have converted with them. Let this be an Argument for you to look to your Converfations. z Arg. Secondly confider this,Wicked andcarnal men (among whom you live) hive no skill in theprinciples that yetis walkby but they