Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

24 GoJpel-Converfation. Thefe times yov. all crie out of, as dangerous times : Mark, that one Scripture will help you that are careful ofyour Converfa- tions, against the danger ofthe times whereinwe live : whofo offerethpraife,glorifieth me;and to him that ordereth his Converfation aright, will I fbew the Salvation ofGod. Thefe are times that you are called upon for praifes and thankfgiving for mercies, we are bound to do that : but mark, Do not put offGod with a verbal praife : it's true, he that offereth praife, honoreth me; but yet together there muff be an orderingof our Converfati- ons; and to him that ordereth his Converfation aright, will I thew the Salvation of God : This is that which is required of Chriftians, to order their Converfations aright : Oh ! it's an excellent thing to fee the Converfations of Chriftians in due order, all guided with Spirival wifdom and holinefs ; Oh that man or woman that is careful to order their Converfations a- right, here is a promife to them : That the Lord WillJheW themhis Salvation : What ever times thou liveft in, though never fo dam. gerous,thoughGod apear never fo dreadful in the times where- in thou liveft, yet if thou canft have but this teftimonie of thy confcience, Lord, thou knoweft it is the care of my foul, not on- ly to make profeflion of Religion, but to order my Converfati- on aright, therefore Lord, fave me in evil times, Lord, thewme thy falvation : thou maieft take this promife and lay it to thy heart, andcomfort thy heart with it, thoumaieft plead it with God in prayer, Ohmake it to be a matter ofthy prayer to God in there evil times, that the Lord would fhewHis Salvation to thee, becaufe He hath put it into thy heart throughHis Grace to order thyConverfation aright. (.a........,.NNL..Issft........INro,.)..... 1.01 SER .........w.ri...aA.....n....... 1-