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Gofiel-Converfitlo. 4t*RA A*ItfIstfltk444Altat Vi r+4444+'': +4 SERMON II. PHIL. I. 27. Only letyour Converftion be a/s becomes the 9of el cfChrift. 44.401sie E E concluded the !aft day with an exhortation to t w Chriflians. Do you hope that God bath wrought . the woik of Convertion ? Be you careful of your 434"4-'4's' Converfation. And many motives there were toihr up Chriflians to be careful of their Converfations. I fhall not look back, but proceed; only give unto you Tome fewRules thatIdefire to add unto the Motives, and then we fhall cettne unto theSecond point. Look to your Converfations, and efpecially obferve thefe Rules. r. Rule. Firff, Ifyon 6sconvinced that it ought to beyour care to looktoyour Converfation , then have a 'pedal regard to the duties ofyour Relations. The work of Grace in mens Converfations Both appear much in the duties of their Relations as children towards their parents, parents towards their children fervants towards their mafiers,ma{leis towards their fervants ; husbands towards wives, wives towards husbands ; the younger towards . the elder, the elder towards the younger : ifyou (land in a private, or publick-place,Majefirates, or Subje8s ;if you profefs . godlinefs, manifeft in your Converfations in performing the duties ofyour relations : whátfoever menmay talk of godlines, except it appear in their relations, except a fetvant be a diligent obedient and a faithful fervant, all his, her or their talkof Re F ligion,