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aaii 30 Gofjiel-Converfatien. workof Puling betides Teaching, we find in Scripture ; yet we find noRule ofanie Minifter but over thofe that they (peak the Word of God unto, what Ruling any Minifter bath (I fay) it is over fuch people as he (peaks the Word ofGod to : Ifanie Mi- nifter fhall come to rule over a people, that people may well ask. them, Haveyouíjioken the WordofGod to u3. ? Doyou teach tii the jWord, ofGod ? Do youchalenge Rule over us and have not fpo- ken the Wordof God to us ? Remember them which have the Ride. overyou, 1'ho havefj.okpruntoyou theWordofGod, *bofe Faithfa., low, confidering theend oftheir Converfaionr. They were it feems., eminent in holinefs of life, and eminent fo as they centinued in . that way of eminencie, and the Apoftle would have all Chri ftians to look at them ; it's a notable Scripture to Phew that.the Minifters of the Word fhould be eminent in.thei.r Converfatións' everie way, and that all thofe that they fpeak the Word of God to, fhould fee in their Converfations the Peautie and the Excellencie of the Word of God that they fpeak to them ; for people look at the lives ofi'linifters as well as at their Word, ir is not enough onlie to be a. goodman in. the Pulpit, except it be in the confiant way of their Converfations. The feventh and lait Rule, you have it here in this Scripture E-leb. 13.7. Whorefaith follow, Confidering the end of ther Conver- fation. That is , be not only careful of your Converfations at. firfi,when you begin to be profeffors ofReligion,then t0 be ex- a&, but be confiant to the verie end. Mark, Confidering the end' oftheir Converfations: he Both not mean the end onlie, the reward' that comes upon their Converfations, that they fhal have aglo- rious reward, but confidering the end, as ifbe fhould fay thus, look at thefe that have fpoken the Word of God to you, they come not onlie at the verie firfi to you and fpeak great things, and feem as if they were Saints or Angels come among you, but' they go on in a confiant way, whatfoever difcouragements they have they go on in a confiant way to the eerie dying day obferve not onlie what they were when they came firft among you, but what they are in the end of their Converfations, and follow them ; this is a notable Scripture to flew how careful Chriftians ought to be, not onlie to be holie in their Conver- rations when their hearts are fiat ftir'dby the Minifirie of the Word'