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Go jiel-Converfction. 33 vigátor, of one that profefï'es the art of Navigation, it's be- neath that. Why fo ; To live exa6ly according to the light ofNatute it is beneath the Converfation that becomes the Gof- pel ofChrift : iffo be that a man fhould make his boa(' that he bath great skill in the art of Navigation ; And how will he Thew this skill ? he will go into a Boat and there he will row over the Thames, and by that you may feewhat a mighty Na- vigator he is ; this would be rediculous to any man. And fo ifone that profeffes the Gofpel ofChriff, would manifeft that he is a good Chriflian, What doth he do ? the life that he lives it is no other than a man by the light ofNature may be enabled to, this is even as rediculous as the other. i. As now for inítance ; The light ofNature, that will teach this : That We are toWorfip God : the Heathens have worshiped God in their way. Yea, the light ofNaturewill teach, That we mufll live jujuy among men, yea, and that we muff do as we Mould be done to : This the light ofNature will teach. Manyof the Heathens have had that principle, to be full with men, to do as we would be done by. The light ofNature condemns grofle fins, of Drunkennefs, Adulterie, Swearing &c. I could give you many inflances in the Laws ofHeathens, punifhing thofe fins very feverely, and fome- ofthem with death. 3. Yea the light of Nature will rife thus high, That a man fhouldbe confciencious, fbouldmale confcience of f cret fins, o f fins that none in theWorld couldknoW of, or are ever like to ,now of. As I remember fometimes I have told you ofone of the Heathens that did but owe for a pair of ¡boos to a Shoo- maker, and no body knew it but only the Shoo -maker him,elfe ; the. Shoo-maker dies, no body could challenge- this of him, yet- his confcence would never let him be at quiet, until be ran and threw the money into the shop, and laid, Though he be dead to-o- thers,yet he is not dead to me: whereas he had a temptation to have- kept it becaufe no body could challeng it ; he knew it was not his, he knew it was either the Childrens, or Executors, and io he reflored it.Many particulars might be named to Thew how far we might go by the light ofNature ; but now I only bring it in to this end, to thew that ifwe would have our Converfations. G l:uth: