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3z d Gofpel-Converfation. at the firft workof God Upon you when you begin to been- lightened, but in the confiant courfe of your lives ; Oh give me a profeffor of Religion, that was wrought upon when he was a Youth, or a young Maid, and yet continues till they be old difciples in a confiant way ofholinefsand flrié}nefs, Oh t They are the moll beautiful objeds that are in the world to be- hold f theSun in the firmament is not_fo glorious, as an ancient profeffor ofReligion that bath continued confiant in the wales ofgodlinefs from his youth, that can fay as good Obadiah once faid, i King. 18. 12. Ihavefeared the Lord frommy youth, and my confcience, though it tell me ofmany failings and weak. nefi°es, yet my confcience excufeth me in this, that I have endea. vored with a good confcience to walk with God, and without offence to man, and not given way to my fell in any way of loofhefs lince God made known Himfelf to me ; Oh fuck may have an abundance entrance into the Kingdom ofHeaven, and die with abundance of comfort. But thus much for this firfl point : That Chriflians ought to be careful of theirConverfa- tions. We come now to the fecond, and that is the main point in the Text. 1,. Letyour Converfation be as bcco tet h the Gof cl ofChrifi. 2. DoFt. Everykind ofConverfation ofprofefors innot enough ; it muff rife to that height as mußbe futable to the Gofßel ofChrift, meetfor theGefel that they do profefs. That's our point. Now wefhall come to the Particulars , what Converfation it is that is meetfor the Cogel ofChrif. I gave you the Heads in the opening ofit : But now I fhall fpeak to them. Firfl, That Ccnverfation that is *rot and becomes the Go#el of Chrift,mufßbe a Converfation railed to ahigher degree than the light ofNature will raite ir. That Converfation that is no higher than poffibly may be railed by the light of Nature , certainly that's not a Converfation becoming the Goq)el ofChriß, that's beneath not fit for the Gofpel ofChrill. As thus, Suppofe a man in his Boat here in theThames rows veryex actiy, I but this is not a work futaNe. to fhew the skill ofa Na. vigator