Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

Gofìèi-r'otivér'fatióss. bodyof fin and death, thisthelsght ofNature never tee1sSo that now when a 'man comes"tç this height, that is, Ertl my confcience beinfenliahthed by: die Word fo that ,I dare not tomm.i:t any fe ret fin %r the world, though therebe none but God and my confcience ,together, but befides that, Oh Íearrya- bout withme a body of graddeath,a root ofbitternefr,that original corruption, and this makes me cry out, Ohwretchedman, Oh wretched woman ! who J7 ll deliver me from this bodyofdeath and Oh-that I could find this mortified in me, this is that that is the flrength and endeavor of my foul, to get this bodie of fin to be mortified, I, this is as becomes the GoJJiel, fo to live in your Converfations as it may appear that you are not content meer- ly to keep from actual fins, though in fecret, but it is your great care and endeavour to mortifie this verie bodie ofdeath that is within you and by this a great manie ofyour Civil men, and meer moral men wil or at 'call may be convinced that their Converfations comes fhort of that that becomes the Gofpel ofJefus Chrifl, for they are not acquainted with this. Laflly,Ifyou would haveyourConverfations fuch as becomes the Gofpel of Chrifl, you mull not only think to make confci- ence of fecret fins,but that which you do,you mull manifeft that it Both proceed out of Love; not only that you do obey,bur that you love the Commandement that you do obey. Now this, nei- ther anyhypocrit or meer moral man loth, ifyou take it univer- fallie one Commandemenras well as another. Obj. You will fay, Love is a fecret thing ? Anf. But as you may know in your family the differencebe- tween your childrens obedience to you and your fervants, fo there may appear a difference between the obedience ofone that is meerly moral, or doth it out of confcience, and the o- ther that doth it out of love ; therefore you mull know that you do' not rife beyond the light ofNature, except that you do love the Command as well as obey the Command, and foCar- rie things in your Converfations as you may make it appear that all thofe waies of God that you make confcience of, that you likewife have a Love unto therm, and do them out of a principle of love, and' thus you come beyond the light ofNa- ture, and infome meafure it is as becomes the Gofpel of Chrifl Anti