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44 Goffiel-Converfation. as he was in hazard ofeternal mifcarrying; this was the condi- tionof Adamunder the Law. Obj. You will fay, He was holy, andhad nofan. Anf.. But conlideriug his condition under the Law ; That it was Obedience to God as a Creator , he did work for natu- ral good ; and he wrought by the flrength he had received, and he was in hazard ofmifcarrying eternally. Now compare his condition with the condition of the Saints in the time of the Gofpel, and you will find the condition of the Saints ha- ving the fruit of the Gofpel, to be in a great deal better condi- tion, even now ; not only (hall be in Heaven, but are in a better condition now than Adam was in paradife I. Adam he obeyed God, and tendered sip hisfervice to God as si Creator. But now the peopleof God under the Gofpel, thofe that are brought home to God by the Gofpel, they look upon God under another relation, not rneerly as Creator , but all their fervices that they tender up to God ,it is as unto the Father of our Lord Jefus Chrift, and their Father in Him ; (To to ,ray Father, and Jr go toyour Father (faith Chrift) yohn, 20.17. Its true, 1h11 we look upon God as the Firfl-being of all things, as Creator; but we look upon Him in a higher relation than rneerlyour Creator , we look upon Him as the Father of Jefus Chrift, and fo in Jefus Chrifl as our Father, and fo we tender up obidience to Him in that way, and furely fuch obedience tendered up to God as under fuch a relation, (hould be a higher kind of obedience, a higher kind ofholinefs than was in Adam. Although it is true, in refpet`l of our condition here, we are not fo free fromcorruption as Adam was in.Innacencie, yet the obedience that we terr4ier up to God, though it be not fo free (I fay) frommixture, yet it is ofa higher nature thanAdams was, it is to God as the Father ofour Lord jefus Chrifl. 2. We have better promifes than ever Adam had, We havepromi- fes of . Ieivenly Glory that he hadnot : God Both 49t lay, Doand live to us only, live here in the world in. a la;tural life, and Twill freeyou from Outward troubles, and from the death of the body : But we know that the Gofpel brings immortallity and glory to light, it tels us ofthe glory ofHeaven, and of the Maniions that Jefus Chriills gone before to prepare, of the glorious i