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Gofjìel-Converfation. 45 glorious Communion that the Saints íhall have with God in the highest heavens, which is another manner of motive to o- 'bediénce than ever Adam had : And therefore our obedience to God fhould be railed in a higher way than ever his was. 3. Thefirength that we have, it's not put into our own hands to keep andfo to improve, and there's all. But Jefus Chrift the Se- cond Perfon in Trinity, He is fil',d with all fulnefs that we might receive grace for grace continually from the fulnefs of Jefus Chrifl that bath all the treafures of wisdom in Him, In Him it pleafed the Father that all fulnefs fhould dwell ; now the Saints by faith have as it were a pipe laid into that Ciflern that bath all fulnefs, from whence continually by the work of Faith- they draw firength and nouriíhment, new fupply from Him, they have not fomewhatgiven to them and fo are let to trade for themfelves and improve what is given them, but they fuck new vertue from Jefus Chrift as from a Head. Adam he was the headof the first Covenant himfelf, but now tis Jefus Chrift that is the Head of the Second, and all Belee- vers draw fpirits from Jefus Chrift, and flrength from him as from the Head, they have a Head that Adam had not todraw flrength from, and therefore they are to manifefi the firength of Jefus Chrift in all their wales, that fulnefs that there is in Jefus Chrift they are to make that appear to the world in their lives and Converfations : And therefore that text Col. i i o. z r .is very remarkable,Thatye might walk worthy ofthe Lordunto all pleating; being fruitful in every good works and increasing in the knowledg ofGod : mark in the i i. verfe, flrengthened with all might, according to his glorious power ; This is worthy of the Lord., becaufe that now we come to receive ofhis fulnefs, of the fulnefs ofJefus Chrift, and to have a continual fupply from him ; Though 'tis true, fo God bath ordered it that fo long as we live we shall have force mixtures of corruption here, but yet hebath provided a help forus, a fulnefs in his Son, that fromHim we fhould draw ofHis fulnefs, and fo come to be ftrenigthened with all might. 4. We nowferve the Lord andobey Him in our lives as thofe that are deliveredfiom the hazard ofeternal mifcarrying. Adamobeyed, . but yet he might know when he was obeying; I nowobey,. but