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jo GoBiel-Converfsttion. more the children of Satan than they were before . But now the more fpiritual any worfhip ofGod is, the more fpiritual it makes the heart, the leffe we flick to the creaturewhile we are worfhiping of God, the more communion we come to have with Chrift, and fo it doth raife holineffe to a more higher pitch. Thirdly, Vnder the Gof#el ouryoke: is moreeafie: You know what Chrift faith, (ina Scripture that I have opened to you at large) Come, take myyoke uponyou, for myyoke, is eafie,and my bur- den is light. You are delivered from that heavy burden that they were under, and therefore you fhould run the waies of Gods Commandements, and follow after holinefs more readi- ly and freely than they could do. Fourthly, We haveaccefs with boldnefs to the Throne of grace, (as the Scripture fpeaks)God Bothnot reveal himfelf in that ter- rible way to his Saints now , as in the time of the Law, but would have them come with boldnefs, andhave libertie offpeech, for that's the word, as in the fecund of theEphe(ians, of the boldnefs that we have to come into the prefence ofGod,Through himWe haveaccefs by onefpiritunto the Father. [Accefs] the word liignif-ies a coming with freedom (as it were) being led by the hand of God. In Ephef 3.2 t . Inwhomwe have boldnefs andac- cefs (faith the text there)with confidence by thefaithof Him.Three words here are together : We have boldnefs, and accefs, with con- fidence by the faith of Him. The word that is here tranflated EBeldneff] it is, liberty offpeech ; we may come and fpeak our winds and unbofome our fpeech freely to God without any fuch terror ; and we may come to God without defiring. Mofes mutt go into Gods prefence for them as he did ; Oh theydurft not go themfelves, but Mofes mutt go and fpeakwith God. We may come into the pretence of God and (peakour hearts freely with a holy boldnefs in the Name ofChrift. Fifthly,We have the fpirit ofadoptionmore than they,Rotn.8: We havenot received the fpirit ofbondage to fear again, but the fpirit of adoption,whereby we cry,Abba,Father.Therewas a fpi- ritof bondage under which,even the people ofGodwere in for- mer times, and now the fpirit of adoption is more fpread abroad and çumrratuakçated in the world to the Chureílies than it was be.