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GofPel-Converfation. 49 But now loathhe obtainedamore excellent Miniftry, [that'sChrifi] By holdmuch alto he z the 114ediator ofabetter Cevenant,which was efiablifhed upon betterpromifes : A better Covenant, andftablifbed upon better promifes, or a better Tefiament : Their promifes I fay were but low and mean ; and our promifes are high and preci- ous, and we have a better Covenant, a Covenant not of living in the Land of Canaan, but of Heaven, of which that Canaan was but a Type, and therefore our Converfations fhould rife higher in holinefsaccording as our Covenant and Promifes are better than theirs. Secondly,Our worfhip is more fpiritual than their worfhip was: As that known place in 7019 .4. 23. where Chrift faith to the wo- manof 'amaria,YouferveGod in this place : But the time fhall come that they fhallfervehim every Where, for God is afj irit, and*ill be zvorJhiped in f irit and in truth. There is more fpiritual worfhip in the time ofthe Gofpel than was in the time of the Law : The Lordcarried, them on in a carnal and a fenlîtive way : and in- deed this bathbeen a great defign of Antichrif} to bring men to a carnal way ofworfhip,To carnal Ord;nances,for fo they are called in Scripture, the Commandements ofGod by Mofei, are called carnal, Heb.9. i o, For their worfhip was in compari- fonof the worfhip in the Gofpel but carnal ;(I fay) it bath bin the defign ofAntichrift to darken the glory ofJefus Ch rift in the Gofpel, by bringing theChurch to a carnal way ofworfhip, and to take away fpiritual, and therefore they are altogether about carnal Inflitutions, whereas Jefus Chrift bath inflituted but only two Sacraments, wherein there are outward carnal things, whereinwe worfhipGod through theCreature, other- wife His worfhip is altogether fpiritual ; but now AntichrifE he would bring in altogether carnal things, he would ad a hundred inventions ofhis own, as building fumptuons Tem- ples, railing in ofthe Communion Tables, and then turning ,them into Altars with fuch kindof apifh gef{ures, foolifh gar- ments, and Heathenifh mufìck, all which was carnal worfhip, the devices ofmen to pleafe children and fools with : excee- dingly much againf} thevery life and foul ofGodlinefs, and the only rule ofworfhip in the Word ofGod. Betides this redicu- ious and carnal way of worship, made the worfhipers two-fold I moc