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52 GoPel-C'onverfation. have revealed in the Gofpel we fhould be afhamed that out hearts and lives íhould come íhort in fpiritualnefs, and heaven- linefs of any that lived in the times of the Law : fee in the 119, Pfalm, howyou find Davids heart taken and raviíhed with the Wordof God, Oh how fweet was the Law ofGod to him,fwee- ter than the honey and the honey comb. Hedoth not mean there the Law inoppofition to the Goípel,but thewhol WordofGod; Now you fhould confider this, what partof Gods Word had David there, he had not many of the Prophefies, he had but theBooks of Mofes and fome other Books ; the Bookoflobwas then, and fome of the Chronicles, fome part ofthe Kings,and the Book of?edges; but moil part ofthe Kings he could not have, for he was the fecond King: therefore what little part ofthe Word of God was written at that time ; and yet how fweet was the Word to him, asfweet as the honey and the honey comb,and how hedid delight in it above Gold andSilver. And then for the Ordinances ofGod, O howwas he taken-with them though in comparifon ofours they were but carnal In the 84. Pfalm, he did envy the very birds that were in the Temple of God How amiable are thy Courts OLord (faith he ;) now do butcom- pare thofe Scriptures he had with thefe that we have, The five Books ofMofes, and 7ofhua, and fudges , and lob which were the chiefScriptures then extant, and do but compare themwith the Hiftoryof the Gofpel, inparticular the Sermons ofChrift, from the fifth Chapter of Matthew to the eighth So thofe re- markable places from the fourteenth to the eighteenth ofJohn,, and fo on ; O what heavenly things are there let down amongft ui.! What Heavenly truths we have, fludy and reade over Paul*. Epifiles (which are feveral holy Letters fent fromChrift toHis Saints here on earth,) Oh whatfpiritual tranfcendant truths,! What great myfleries and depths of God are opened and revea- led there beyond what there is inGenefis or Exodus, or Leviti- eau, or Numbers, &c. And yet the Word of God was dearer to him than all the world, and he profefl he did meditate in it day andnight. Nowwe have that word in two Teilaments, that . doth reveal abundance more ofGod in Chrift than ever he had, and therefore our Converfations should rife.higher inblinds' the Converfations of thófe that were under theLaw ; we