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Gofel-Converfittion. fhould endeavor to be more exemplary in holy walking than they were. And thus much for the fecond head. Now for the third, which is the chief ofall If you would have your Converfations to be fuch as becomes the Gofpel, it muff be fuitable towhat the Gofpel holds forth untoyou. Now this is a great point,and it will ferve for two ends. Firft,To hold forth untoyou the principal things in theGofpel. Secondly, To Phewyou how you fhould fute your Converfa- tion to thofe things that are in the Gofpel. And we (hall abide upon this head fomewhat long. The firfl and principal thing in the Gofpel, It is the holding forth unto us the infinite love of God to man-kind ; this is the very end of the Gofpel, that God might declare what an infinite love he bath unto the childrenof men,yea unto men rather than unto Angels;you know that Scripture in yohn,3.16. So God loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whofoever beleeveth in him fhould not perifh but have everlafling life.And indeed that one verle bath more ofGod in it than all Creatures in Heaven &Earth; thewhol frame ofHeaven &Earth hath not fo much of God in them as that one verfe hath ; So God loved the world that he Pent forth his only begotten Son that whofoever beleeveth in him f}zould not perifh but have everlafling life : It. is as ifGod fhould fay when he comes to reveal the Gofpel, I. will have a way wherein it (hall appear to men and Angels for ever what the greatnefs ofmy love is unto thofe poor creatures, unto the children ofman : And to that end I fend my Son the. fecond Perfon in Trinity to take their natures upon him, to come tobe their Mediator; there will I manifefi what my love. is ; that lhall be the great fruit of love. It is the fimilitude of a learned Divine (faith he) the love of God in all other things in comparifon of the love of God in Chriff reveal'd in the Gof- pel, it is a little fpark of fire in comparifon of the heat in a furnace; when a furnace is heated red hot, it may be a few . fparksoffire fly out, but what is one of thofe fparks offire that fly out in comparifonofall the heat that there is in the furnace,. fo (faith he) all.the fruits ofthe love of God to man-kind in all. the. 53