Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

Gof ret-Converfation. than I have, Lord thou art worthyofitall, whatfoever I have, whatfoever I am, whatfoever I can do, thou art worthy of it all, never nand arguing thus, what need fo much ; is the thing a good thing ? love never knows any fuch thing as too much. We know love, It cannot bear with difbonor done unto thofe that we do love, ifany wrong any one that we love, ifour hearts be inflam'd with love we know not how to bear it ; fuch ftrike us in the apple of our eye ; Oh that's a Converfation that be- comes the Gofpel, that when we fee the Nameof God difho- nored, our hearts rife more againft any thing that is done a- gainft God, than it Both againi any thing that is done a- painft our felves, we are inflam'd for God when we fee'any thing done that is a difhonor to the Name of God. And love we know it will make us mourn and melt for any offence to thofe that are beloved of us : So that's a Converfati- on that becomes the Gofpel, when we manifeft melting hearts, and mourning fpirits. Love makes tyc delight in the pretence ofthole that we do love ; fo that's a Converfation that becomes the Gofpel, when we ma- nifeft that there is nothing in the world that we delight in more than to be in the prefence ofour Beloved; Oh to be alwaies with God in the arms ofChrift, it is our Heaven on Earth. And then a Converfation that becomes this Gofpel, It is to be ofa loving difpofition towards thofe that have any referenceunta God. Reade over the Epifiles where fo much of the Gofpe: is revealed, for indeed there's the chief of the Gofpel, though we call thofe four Evangelifts the Gofpel, becaufe they are the flory of Chrifts coming into the world, and his Actions ; yet. there is more of the Doctrine of the Gofpel in the Epifiles ; for the time of the Lawwas not fully expired till the deftruction. of the Temple; which was after Chrifts death, and therefore though the Gofpel began to Thine forth, yet till after the time . of the deftrudion of the Temple there was not fo much of the Gofpel; and therefore reade (I fay) the Epifiles, and you fhall . find there is no one particular duty that the Gofpel focalls for from men (betides faith in Jefus Chrift) as it Both love in. Chriftians one towards another, yea love to all : ifyou reade. the Epiftles ofPaul, divers places in the Rowans, and in the E-, phcfans. 57