Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

56 Goffel-Converfation. and thy love therefore (if it runs paralel with his) mat give the deareft to him. And then ifwe be afed by love (for that's the converfation that becomes the Gofpel to be a5ed in all that we do with love toGod) to be in a flame of love continually, as the Salarnan. der (they fay) dothalwaies live in the fire ; fo fhouldwe do in the fire oflove, not in the fire ofcontention : 'But now, Love bath no needof any argument to do any thing but only this, this thing will be pleating unto him that I do tender it unto .it will pleafe my Father ; that's argument enough for Love, that if I ;do fuch a thing it will pleafe my beloved ; therefore never Rand arguing thus, Such a thing is a duty, but is it necef.. fìty ? Maift I do it? Cannot a man be faved unlefs he doit? Be all damn'd that do not this ? Thefe are arguments from bate fordid fpirits: but here's enough for love, here's a thing would pleafe God; ifwe did thus, we fhould pleafeGod betterthan innot doing it : Therefore that place that you had before, in the firft of the Colofans,Wall¿,worthy ofthe Lord to allpleafing,let the heart prefently fpring upon this, There's fuch a thing pro- 'pounded out ofthe Word at fuch a time, and I heard it would be well pleafing to God if I did this. If we put but this uponyou, you that do not fet up the wor- íhip of God inyour families, Donot you think that it would pleafe God better to fet up his Worihip in your families that not ? Is there no Converfation that your confciences tell you would pleafe God better, than that Converfation which you live in ? Would it not be more pleating to God (askbut your confcience now ?)if your hearts were agedby love youwould prefently fall upon that which your confciences tell youwould be more pleafing to God. And then Love : This is a maxim ofLove, Love never knows when it hath done enough , it knows no fuch thing as too much, for men to fay, What need we be fo ftrift as towalk circumfpedly ? what need we do fo much ? why muff we be fo holy ? This is a bafe kind ofreafoning ; Is this as becomes the Gofpel ? If thou wert ailedby Love then thou wouldft never think that thouhadeft done enough for God, Oh thou wouldit rather think, had I ten thoufond thoufand times more i}rength than