Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

Gofiel-Converfsction. Gofpel , hateful and malitious difpofitions : What loth a beafily, brutifh, favigenefs do, the fiercenefs of beafls do in the breafi ofa Chriflian ? Oh it is infinitely unbefeeming a Chri- bia.n to have an unloving difpofition, a hateful difpottion , to be hating one another, and to havea fpirit ofoppofition and contradif}ion, and frowardnefs one againff another, there is nothingmore unbefeeming the Gofpel ofJefus Chrift than this. I remember I have read even ofone ofthe Heathen Emperors, that being convinced fomewhat about Chrift and hearing much of him, law two that profeffed the name ofChriftians to fall out bitterly one with another , which as foon as he per- ceived he cals them to him, and gives a firaight command that they fhould never afterward, prefume tocall Themfelves by the name ofChriflians ; No (faith he) you do not do according to your Mailer that you profefs, your life is unfu table to your Mailer ; even one that was but a Heathen himfelf fpake this, Oh ifwe profefs our felves Chrifiians let our Converfations be as becomes the Gofpel in point of love, and make that tobe the argument oflove, the love ofGod revealed in the GofpeI; there are a great many arguments of love from humane focie- ty, from reafon, that men that live together they íhould love one another as men, and that there comes a great deal ofhurt from frowardnefs and bitternefs , and :that it is againft the rules offociety, and that men cannot live quietly except there be forceway offodereingby love ; thefe arguments are fome- what, and yet thefe would be among Heathens : Oh but now, thofe that profefs the Gofpel of Chrift, have one argument that is infinitely beyond all arguments that can be imagined, and that is in John,3. 16. (before named) So God loved the World, loved the world, that he gave his only begotten. We hear how the love of God that was in the heart ofGod from all eternity is brought forth and revealed in the Gofpel, Oh let this inflame our bearts with love, Oh that there might be never a Chrifli- an that profeffes the Name ofChriff, but that it might appear in him that his heart is fweetened with love, and that he doth live (as it were) in thevery element oflove,and aged by love in all that he doth, O this would beautifie your Chriflian profef Con more than all your talking of this and the other thing 4 : K a Oh S9