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CJ GoJpel-Converfation. oh that it were come again, that this becoming Converfation ofChrifti_ins were come again into the world. I TememberI have heard a fpeech of Dr. Whittacre rebuking the Converfa- [ion of the Schloers in Cambridg, he had this fpeech, Surely (faith he; this that we preach is not the Gofpel, or otherwife we are no Gofpelers, becaufe our Converfation is fo different *on' the Gofpel ; anal fo we may fay of this one particular in re- fp_ed of love, either it is but a fanfie that we heap fo much of the love of God in Jefus Chrift in the Gofpel, or otherwife we are no Gofpelers, we are no true Profeffors of the Gofpel : what- ever profeffion we make of the Gofpel, yet except there doth appear divine love to aft us in all that we do God will not own us for Gofpelers ; for certainly it is a main fcope that God Lath in the revealing the Gofpel to tweeter' the hearts of men with love, either deny the profefiion, or walk more lovingly than thou haft done towards thofe that make the fame prafef- fion, yea thou íhouldeft walk lovingly towards thy enemies, f2r the Gofpel reveals much of Gods goodnefs even towards tlie, whol world in general, fo that there Ihould be love even towards all from the knowledg of the Gofpel ; Oh that it might be faid ofmen and women, that were of rugged, haríh, and malitious difpofitions before, yet lince it pleafed God that they came ro the Miniftry of the Gofpel, and heard the Truths of the Gofpel opened to them, Oh fince that time their hearts have been altered and changed, Ohofwhat Tweet difpo- fitions they are of now, the husband towards the wife, and the wife towards the husband, in a family there was nothing but harfhnefs and brawling, but now nothing but fweetnefs and love and this from the knowledg of the love of God in Jefus Chrift : that lové will be a Divine grace indeed that's rai- fed in the hearts of men, and acted from this principle of the knowledgof the love ofGod in Jefus Chriít. This is the firft thing, and the great thing that is held forth in the Gofpel, namely the love of God to man-kind. I'le but name one or two things more now, and the next is this. The infinite willingnefs of God to be at peace and to be re- concil'd unto thofe who have offended him, yea to his enemies, what