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Goffel-Converftion. what is the fcope of the Gofpel ? the eternal love ofGod to man-kind in Chrift : That's the fir(} thing. Then the fecond thing is the infinite willingnefs that there is in God to be at pea( e, to be reconciled to fuch as have offended him this is held forth in the Gofpel, the Gofpel is the Miniflry ofreconci- liation, nowwhat Converfation fhould be in us becoming this in the Gofpel that is held forth ? And then the infinite mercy ofGod in the Gofpel in delive- ring poor creatures out ofa depth of mifery, that's a main thing in the Gofpel, and many other particulars as the infi- nite hatred that God bath againft fin, and the great price paid for fouls that's held forth in the Gofpel too, with divers other things that might be fpoken of. But I befeech you confider of the point that we are about, namely to íhew you what the Gofpel holds forth to us ; and then what Converfation be- comes all thefe things, and is futable to them, If God would but be pleafed to go along even with this one point that we are nowupon, we hope it may lighten the Converfation of Chri-. ffians, andwithal may commend this word of grace to thofe that fit in darknefs and in the íhadow of death; and may Cif God will fay Amen unto it) in fome meafure recover the difho- nor that bath been call' upon the Gofpel ofChrift in thefe lat- ter times, by that loofe and uneven walking amongf} profeffors themfelves ; which bath very much darkned the glory of this marvellous great light, Which fhould be a lamp unto theirfeet, and a light unto their paths. Oh that Jefus Chrift from whole hand and heart this Gofpel came would now preach it home to every heart of us, that the truths thereof, may be turned into grace, fpirit and life in the midi} of us, fo that our lives and Converfa- tion, maybe a daily practical fermon ofholinefs, in particular, That we love one another rus becomes the Gofpel. amoolliplimi _.. _.., alosior SE