Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

615 Gofpel-Converfatian. peace in refpedof God, and he died for that end to make peace between God and us, bat likewife that Jefus Chrifl did die to make peace between man and man it was one fruit of His death to break down the middle wall ofpartition between us, and to flay the enmity ; he dotti not fay, tokill ow- enemies, but to Dill the enmity it'sPelf; the meaning is this, that Chrift died to take down the `partition wall between 7ew, and Gentile ; there was an enmity between the Yew and Gentile that theymight not one converfe with the other ; now it was a fruit of the deathor Chrift to take down the partition wall and to flay theenmity between them, that fo there might be but one fheep-fold, that He might reconcile both unto God in one body. Now, was this the end of the death of Chrift, not only to reconcile usw God, but one unto another in one body,Jew and Gentile ? Cer- tainly there cannot be fuch a diftance between one Chriflian and another as there was between 7ew and Gentile: and Chrift did fo love unity and peace in the world, efpecially among thofe that made any profeffion of his Name, that he would die to that end, He would lofe His life that He might procure peace between pews and Gentiles, and bring them into one body : And truly fo it fhould be with us, we fhould be willing, and thofe whofe hearts are right (I fay) cannot but be fo fenfi- ble of the breaches that are among us, and the unpeaceablenefs of mens fpirits, as if they could by the laying down of their lives procure peace,they fhould be willing to do it, everyChri- ftian fhould make it appear, that he is fo fet upon peace thatif the laying down of his life could procure peace he fhould be willing to do it, that ifwe may make up breaches by ftanding in the gap, and offering up our felves a facrifice ofatonement and pacification, let us thus prove oar felves to be the true fol- lowers of Chrift our Lord and Mailer who bath left us his own example herein for our imitation : this were anexcellent thing befeeming the Gofpel of Chrift that we doprofefs, yea, we fhould not only be willing to admit of peace, but Peek for it, leek for it to our inferiours, do not fay that fuch a man bath wronged me, and therefore let him Peek to me, Oh no, it Both become you that make profeflion of theGofpel of Chrift, not t flay till he come to you that bath wrongedyou, but for you . that