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GlelaConverfation. 71 knowledg of God and of the free graceofGod in Chrift than others, and yet when it comes to it, that he hath to deal with fuch as are in mifery, to have a hard heart, Oh a hard hearted Chriftian is a montier, I fay a hard hearted Chriftian is a monfler in the world, not to be ready to forgive others, and to do any thing for others that are in mifery is devilifh ; but to re- joyce that they may have arty objed to fhew pity and compaffi- on unto, Oh this is that which becomes the Gofpel ofChrift though theybe ftrangers to you that are in mifery, yet be mer- ciful to them ; foryou were ítrangers to God. Yea, Be merciful toyourenemies,not only be willing tobe at peace but be merciful : Do you fee any that have wronged you to be in mifery, do not let them perifhbut let bowels ofcompaflion e- ver work towards them ; Oh that our heartsdid yern towards all : Chrift when He came neer unto 7erufalem, He wept over it : Oh that the like fpirit were in us as was in Jefus Chrift There'sno fuch argument for mercy to others, as the confidera- Lion of the mercies of God in Jefus Chrift : Oh bowels ofmer- ey befeems the Gofpel ofChrift : and it should be manifelted really : Let not people that are in mifery have verbal mercies from you, that is, you feem to pity them in words, Oh but let there be real mercies to them, open your hearts and let fome- thing drop from you for releef of them that are in mifery : it is a notable Scripture in Ephef. 4. 31, 32. and futable to that in Col. 3. i 3. in the 4. of the Ephef. there the Apoftle (fpeaking of the merciesof Chrift) faith he, Let all bitternefr, andwrath, and anger, and clamor, and evil'peaking beput awayfromyou, withall malice ; andbeye nd one to another, tender hearted, forgivingone another, even as Godfor Chrifts false hat-h forgivenyou. Be tender hearted: Oh God manifefts the tendernefs ofHis heart in the Gofpel ; and this is befeeming the Gofiel,to fet forth this as a pat- tern, the tendernefs ofGods heart to poor (inners in the depth ofmifery ; doyou fee any to be in mifery, and do not you find your heart begin to break towards them ? ifyou do not find your heart breaking, Oh fet before you the infinite tendernefs of Gods mercies in Jefus Chrilt, and 'tis that will break your hearts if any thing in the world will : And fo in Col. 3. i 3. a lace fomewhat paralel to this, Forbearing one another, andfor giving