Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

72 GofPel-Converfation. giving one another ; ifany man have a quarrelagainft any, even as Chrifl forgaveyou,fo alfo doye: and aboveal thefe things,put on cha- rity. You fee the Apoflle aceounts this the great argument of all, and therefore know that the Lord takes it very much to heart when the bowels of Profeffors are turned into gravel. Search into that remarkable Parable, Matthew. i 8. from verf. z8. toverf 3 g. where Jefus Chrift Preacheth down all cruel and unchrihian-like difpoutions in thofe that are fellow fer- vants, belonging to one and the fame Mailer, :and living under one roof ; yea, the Zeal of Chrifl did break forth like thunder and lightning againfi fuch a fervant as takes his fellow by the throat, therefore (faith the text) ver.3 t.His Lordwas wrath, and delivered him to the tormentors till hejhouldpay allthat was due to him.The LordChrifl delivered that cruel fervant,that hard hear- tedwretch to the tormentors that did a thing fo unbefeeming the mercy he himfelf had received fromChrifl, Oh faith Chrifl art thou cruel andunmerciful when thou haft received fo much fa- vour fromme, as a full difcharge of thy manygreat debts ? get thee to the tormentors, let the moll cruel executioners of my fierce wrath torment thee without any mercy and compa ,ion. Oh thofe that have hard hearts walk unfutable to the Gofpel of Jefus Chrift which is full ofthe riches of Gods grace to all. Ohyou that have received any pardoning mercies from Jefus Chrifl, take heed of cruelty to your fervants, to your children; It'svery fad to fee how forceProfefforscafl the Gofpel ofChrill behind their backs, if their paffions are but moved ; what will ye bite and devour one another when ye receive the lealiaffront either by tongue or hand ? Oh where is your bearing and for- bearing with one another ? for fhatne do not fly in the facesof any (as a Bear bereaved, of her whelps) when ye are buffetted by men, Oh remember Jefus Chrift, Oh remember you that ¡land in fo much need ofmercy every day from God, for you to becruel towards others, Oh here's a Converfation infinitly unbefeeming the Gofpel of Chrifl, and it is unbefeeming the grace that is offered, to have a fullen, a difpairing, and an unbe- leeving difpoltion, when as we fee thofe that are Difciples and yet every little thing caufeth them to defpair, and to be fuller, and their hearts to fink within them, Oh friends is this anE- vangelical